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Working with the Richmond Public Library Foundation and the Friends of the Richmond Public Library, we are raising awareness for valuable programs and resources offered by the library as well as generating private funds to enhance existing public support for the library and its programs.


Annual Report


Email Campaigns


Outdoor Signage

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2019 Annual Report

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Lemmert 2020 Website6.jpg

Campaign of collateral pieces designed for the library to increase philanthropic  donations, attendance at events, and awareness of their cause.

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With the help of the James River Association, the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay, Altria, RVA H20, DEQ, and the EPA, we created this infographic sign that will be featured at Westover Hills Elementary School.  More rain gardens and educational signage is coming to other libraries in Richmond, Virginia - SOON!

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Lemmert 2020 Website.jpg
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