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Your Breath is Powerful.

Grow & Expand

Breathwork found me at the start of the pandemic.  I was scrolling on social media and randomly stopped at a live event where the instructor asked if I wanted to lie down and breathe. I said yes and my life has since changed.

That might be a bold statement, but it is true. I have released fear and lifetimes of conditioning to have the faith to work for myself as a freelance designer. I have quit popular drinks (alcohol and coffee) that just weren't serving my body or mind. I am actively re-working my relationships so my needs are met and boundaries aren't crossed on either side. I believe all of this comes with a greater awareness of myself and others. 

And this is why I am excited to introduce breathwork to you - because it could potentially change your life too. At the very least, you tried something new! No experience is necessary. Everyone is welcome.

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