Community Breathwork

An active breath practice to relax the mind and lift your spirits.

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Breathwork found me through my online network and now I want to introduce it to my community. We will all gather together and I will lead the group into an active breathwork experience. First you will set intentions, then I will demonstrate and explain the style of breathwork we will be doing... the breathing is all done through the mouth (not the nose). The first breath you breathe into the lower belly and the second one into the chest and then exhale. So it’s two breaths in and one breath out through the mouth. This is an active breathing meditation performed while laying down. So you'll want to set up your space ahead of time. This can be a yoga mat on the floor, the couch, or your bed. Some people get really cold, so it might be beneficial to have a blanket nearby. I will also be asking you at one point to yell, scream or laugh - and you might want a pillow to cover your mouth (in case there are other people in your house/neighbors nearby). Breathwork helps:: ✨Reduce stress, anxiety, depression and anger ✨Release past trauma & fear ✨Improves digestion ✨Raises mental clarity ✨Boosts immune function ✨ Increases self love and discovery ✨ Helps reduce pain & toxins in the body ✨ Combat addictive behavior

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Forest View, Richmond, VA, USA